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Dean Tyler K is a gay singer/songwriter from Long Island, NY. He creates music that encourages people to stop for a moment and think about things they may not often ponder. His production paired with his lyrics have resonated with all who have discovered his songs. His debut album, Juxtaposition, was fully written, mixed, mastered and performed by him alone during quarantine and has amassed over 20,000 streams on Spotify. Now, he looks to perform as much as he can so his voice can be heard. 

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Dean Tyler K

"Growing up in Oceanside, most of my young life was spent fabricating a heteronormative identity that would appease the community around me. When I finally came out freshman year of high school, I wrote my first song ever, 'Here I Am, Who I Am' about my experience. Now that I have graduated College, being able to return home to Oceanside and see a new location dedicated to the LGBTQ+ community gives me hope for younger generations in this town. Hopefully BTW will be a beacon for acceptance and being able to perform here would be such an honor."

Broken mirror music festival

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